What is a "Loyalty Card" and where can I get one?

A loyalty card is your access to a variety of korean culture oriented rewards at the end of the semester. You can pick one up at our next event. Every event that you attend with your Loyalty Card, you will receive one stamp. (Disclaimer: We do not give out stamps outside of our events.)

When’s the first/next dance workshop?

Unfortunately, we are currently having issues with booking the dance studio. So please make sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook, Instagram, etc to find out when we announce the class! :)

Where do I get the tickets for events?

All of our tickets will be coming from our eventbrite link which will be linked on our social media platforms and our website here!

What should I bring to the events?

Please bring your onecard and eventbrite ticket to our events. If you forget to bring or lose your one card, bring your schedule or some form of identification to indicate that you are a student at Ryerson University.

Will Food be provided for events?

We do provide light snacks and refreshments, but feel free to bring some food of your own if it is not enough :)

Can I bring a friend that is not a Ryerson Student?

You may bring your friend over! Please be reminded that non-Ryerson students will have to pay a $5 fee for each semester to attend any further events :)

Am I allowed to show up later to an event?

You may show up later but we encourage you to book your tickets in advance for our events :)

Can I still show up for an event if I didn't book a ticket in advance?

You can still show up for the events, HOWEVER, you will be waitlisted. People with eventbrite tickets will have first priority, and and RU K-POP cannot guarantee any spots for you if we hit full capacity.

How much money will be for your events?

Our event prices are to be determined. Please visit our Facebook, Instagram, etc pages to find out more information!

All non-Ryerson students will have to pay a $5 fee for each semester.

What time will your events start and end?

The time our events typically from around 6pm to 7pm and end around 9pm to 10pm.

Where are your events located?

Each event has a different location - please make sure to follow us on our social media pages so you’re up to date with upcoming events!

What are some prizes that I can win for attending events?

Albums, posters, stickers, and more!

What kind of events do you guys do?

Dance workshops, games nights, movie nights, orientation (first event of each semester), and performance night to name a few!